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Our Leadership

Marynel E. Wahl
Co-Founder – Chief Financial Officer
Marynel E. Wahl is our Chief Operating Officer. She is the beating heart of InfraNet Solutions. With over 30 years of experience, Marynel's understanding of technology is only one piece of the puzzle. Marynel co-founded InfraNet Solutions with a passion and dedication to client service excellence. Her attention and devotion to our clients is extraordinary. Leading the company's operations on all fronts, Marynel is the true embodiment of a Renaissance woman. Her remarkable commitment to our company's and our client's continued growth and success is unparalleled.
John A. Lutfy
Co-Founder - President
With over 25 years’ experience in information technology and project management, John A. Lutfy has acted as a trusted advisor to clients and colleges. John’s relationship with his clients helps to bring a level of comfort to projects and services. He excels at pushing clients out of their comfort zone by providing knowledge and education. John encourages the client by helping them realize they are receiving the best return on their investment. He thrives on walking the tight rope; often completing projects on a very tight time line.